Do you feel it?

Deep within you it’s buried, you might not have recognized it at first but it’s here, and you know it. It won’t be ignored and it’s ready to sprout like a seedling planted in the soft tissue of your core.

You didn’t go looking for it but it found you, the winds of life carrying it your way.

What will you do with it? Don’t fear it. Now that you’ve spotted it, that you’ve acknowledged it, let it grow and thrive with it.

It never comes easy and pain is sure to be entwined within it, it always is, but so is joy and it’s visited before, years ago. Do you remember? You survived then and you’re sure to do so again.

This time it will be different. You’re better prepared, you’re older, wiser and stronger.

Don’t forget who your God is. When He is with you, what can you face that you won’t overcome?

Never forget who you are and where you come from, de mujeres de carácter y fuerza. Ellas están en ti y tú estás en ellas.

You’re going to be fine; I promise that. Embrace it and show that change who you truly are.

-October 4, 2019, Starbucks on Van Buren, Riverside, CA

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