Mi Madre

La primera mujer que me amo fue mi madre Mujer que se sacrificó por mi Mujer que me alimento Mujer que no dormía por cuidarme de noche al estar yo enferma Mujer que trabajo sin cesar  Mujer que lloro Mujer que sufrió Mujer que no recibió elogios Mujer que amo sin siempre recibir el mismo …

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I’ve made many. When I was young, I hurt my parents in many ways. I pushed the boundaries set for my protection. I did not understand them and worse yet, I didn’t care to. I said things that were hurtful, I broke the rules, I lashed out in anger.  I now understand it was a part …

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My love for them is rooted deep in my childhood. I remember being a young girl and helping my father out with our little spot of land. How my father wanted our yard to be pretty and add to the beauty of our neighborhood. I learned from him that a good garden was not only …

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