La tierra de mi nacimiento, la tierra donde di a luz a mis propios hijos. La tierra de mis principios, raíces, de mi corazón.

My parents came to you and you embraced them. You spoke our language and as I realized I was a part of their heritage and yours, I grew. You nurtured me, allowed me to see there’s beauty in belonging to both cultures.

You loved me, taught me, made me strong. Within your boundaries aprendí a aceptar y querer a la mujer que soy, through all my flaws I see my worth. You have been a witness to my growth, laughter, mistakes, triumphs and losses.

I love your mountains, deserts and beaches. Yosemite will always be my favorite part within you. It will always represent the love and joy of raising my children with you as their playground, your beauty their backyard.

You’ve known that I am leaving, you listened as I whispered new plans, new goals. I say goodbye to you and though there are warm tears rolling down my face as I write to you, there is excitement in my heart as I look toward my horizon.

I know a new land, a new place awaits me. I will love her for new reasons, I will grow in different ways, pero no te preocupes, siempre serás la tierra que llevo dentro de mi ser, a la que volveré a visitar pues mi corazón siempre estará ligado a ti y pedazos de mis raíces are always going to be deeply rooted within your rich and productive soil.

Adiós California linda y querida, si muero lejos de ti, que digan que estoy dormida y que me traigan aquí. But until then, por hoy, voy a nuevos rumbos. Let’s see what life brings.

June 28, 2022 – On the Road, Amarillo, Texas

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