Knower of the Words

When were you given your first weighty responsibility? The kind that really matters and can have real consequences if you don’t complete it correctly. I

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La tierra de mi nacimiento, la tierra donde di a luz a mis propios hijos. La tierra de mis principios, raíces, de mi corazón. My

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Do you feel it? Deep within you it’s buried, you might not have recognized it at first but it’s here, and you know it. It

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Mi Piel

Tells the secrets I would never speak out loud. The ridge across my forehead quietly gives witness to the worries I’ve carried since childhood. The

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I have a story burrowed deep within me. I can’t get it out. It’s trapped. I’ve tried to ignore it but it refuses to live

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Mi Madre

La primera mujer que me amo fue mi madre Mujer que se sacrificó por mi Mujer que me alimento Mujer que no dormía por cuidarme

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I’ve made many. When I was young, I hurt my parents in many ways. I pushed the boundaries set for my protection. I did not

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My love for them is rooted deep in my childhood. I remember being a young girl and helping my father out with our little spot

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